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Dampness & Rot

This building preservation company approached us with a vision for their website centred around a black and gold colour scheme. Beyond that, they entrusted us with creative freedom to design the site. Our goal was to convey a powerful message about the consequences of neglecting building issues, and the client provided a compelling video to reinforce this message. They also generously supplied numerous images for us to utilise. Collaborating closely with the client, we crafted impactful content for the website, ensuring their involvement in every step of the design and content creation process. Recognising their desire for search engine optimisation (SEO), we integrated SEO considerations into the web design and content creation process. The initial project spanned three months, but it continues as an ongoing endeavor, with us maintaining and enhancing the SEO campaign on a monthly basis. We are proud to manage and operate Dampness & Rot’s active SEO campaign, contributing to their sustained online presence and success.

Stephen Mair Personal Training

Stephen initially doubted the efficacy of websites for driving sales, relying heavily on social media advertising until he sought our assistance. Recognising the importance of websites in today’s digital landscape, we collaborated with Stephen, a multi-talented professional encompassing personal training, massage therapy, and hypnotherapy/counselling, to integrate these diverse industries into a single website focused on showcasing his identity and services. Overcoming this challenge, we seamlessly designed his website, with Stephen generously providing content and trusting us to manage both the website design and its SEO campaign. Delighted with the results, Stephen enthusiastically maintains a maintenance plan to ensure his website’s continuous functionality. As well as an active SEO campaign.

One Call Collision Centre approached us seeking assistance with a website and logo design for their brand. While their expertise lay in the motor industry, they recognised the need for a professional web presence and were referred to us for assistance. Their vision was straightforward: a user-friendly website mirroring their simple and efficient business model, allowing visitors to easily access information and contact them with a single click, aligning with their “one call” philosophy. We delivered exactly that—a website rich in information and equipped with multiple points of contact for users. Additionally, they aimed to boost sales by incentivising referrals through a “Cash Back Referral” scheme, which we facilitated with an engaging background featuring money imagery and a modal box prompting users to learn more about the referral program. With their confidence in driving traffic to the website, we implemented basic SEO strategies. Ultimately, our clients were thrilled with the final website design, experiencing increased traction in their business as a result.